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Unpaid Internship Funding From Georgetown

If you need funding for housing, food, or transportation throughout the duration of your unpaid summer internship, check out a list of resources, grants, and fellowships you can apply for to fund your summer below. There are also paid opportunities if you’re still looking for one!

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7 simple hacks to save money on groceries

With the right budget-friendly tips, tricks and planning techniques, you can save a ton of money at the grocery store, make your shopping trips more efficient and cut down on food waste while you’re at it.

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Vanguard Guide to Financial Wellness

This financial wellness guide aims to cover topics that most investors will face at some point, regardless of their financial status. The next best actions it provides are meant to be put into practice consistently and continuously, as some of them may take time to complete.

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How You Could and Why You Should Open a Roth IRA Account Now

It’s never too early to plan for retirement! Learn what a Roth IRA account is, how you can open one, and why you should contribute some of your monthly savings into this account starting as soon as possible.

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