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At Common $ense, our mission is to empower Georgetown students with the tools and resources to manage money through innovative workshops and dynamic educational programs and thereby enable them to make effective financial decisions.

Special Farewell from De’Ara, Graduated Co-Director

To my common $ense family, Marlene and Gina, I want to say that I’ve had a fantastic four years working with this program and will miss being part of the team. A full year of Covid has presented us with logistical challenges and a program that was very different from its previous years, but working with the most dedicated and loving peeps made this year a large success!

I also want to thank the Student Employment Office, Caren, Jenny, and a talented team of student workers for building a sense of community and working relentlessly to ensure students can feel supported. Upon graduation, I plan to work full-time; however, Common $ense will always have a special place in my memory of Georgetown.

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